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Aprilia Racing RSV4 1100 Factory SuperStock Marelli Race ECU (2019)

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ECU Marelli Racing RSV4 Factory 2019, code: COE18067

Aprilia Racing has developed a dedicated ECU for the RSV4 Factory (MY2019) for track use. The ignition advance and injection maps are the same maps used for the Akrapovic exhaust system, which are available from the official Aprilia network. The electronic management system parameters determining the activation thresholds of the vehicle control systems, however, have been completely recalibrated for use specifically on a closed race circuit. These new calibrations allow extreme banking angles without triggering an invasive response from the control systems, which may still be set from the switchgear on the handlebar. The reduced engine braking effect allows faster, smoother braking. The Marelli Racing ECU has been specifically reprogrammed for this application, and the new map differs from the standard production map as follows:

  • Injection and ignition advance maps for complete Akrapovic exhaust system
  • Exhaust butterfly valve management disabled.
  • Oxygen sensor management disabled.
  • Secondary air system management disabled.
  • Immobilizer disabled (in ECU).
    • NOTE – the instrument cluster must also be replaced in order to remove the ignition switch assembly and the physical immobilizer system.
  • New - Suitable for interfacing with the Aprilia APP V4-MP. To use these features the additional interface ECU (AMP) and the wiring harness adapter must be installed.

Functional differences relative to standard map:

  • Optimised and even less invasive TCS. It was made even more free compared to the previous 1501 version, now more suitable with the use of slick tyres. Most significant benefits stem from reduced torque limiting at extreme bank angles and during rapid changes in direction.
  • Wheelie control system with optimised torque limiting action.
  • Reduced engine brake effect in general, and in low gears in particular.
  • All engine maps are completely unrestricted (full power) and specific for racing exhaust systems.
  • Also usable with ABS.
  • The three maps in the ECU are configured as follows:
    • S – Map with extremely direct throttle response.
    • T – Map with softer, more progressively controllable response at initial throttle aperture.
      • Engine braking effect is generally lower.
    • R – Same as map T, but with even less engine braking effect at mid to high engine speeds.
    • We recommend starting with the “T” map, with TCS set to level 4


  1. This ECU must be used together with the standard clutch control switch. The ECU will not function correctly if this switch is removed.
  2. This ECU cannot be used on previous versions of the RSV4.
  3. We recommend starting with a high TCS level when using for the first time, and then trying gradually lower settings.


  • This ECU was designed for use in motorsports competitions on circuits closed to traffic. For this reason, use on public roads is strictly prohibited.
  • This ECU must be installed by expert personnel with official palm-held instrumentation for configuration of the bike's parameters.
  • This component is not covered by warranty and therefore the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any problems or damage caused.
  • Always remember that making modifications to the electronics parameters may cause serious consequences for the bike and the rider.
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