2020 Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory HSBK Spec Track / Race Bike

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Brand new purpose built Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory track bike. This is a program we have been offering for several years now. It allows you to buy a spec track/race bike built by the people who know Aprilia's better than anyone else in the US. This is not a stock bike with a few bolt-on parts. The engine, chassis, and suspension have all been fine tuned for optimal performance on the race track. Maximum power 217 HP

Part # Description Quantity Retail Price Package Price
2020 RSV4 1100 Factor- NEW 1 24.499.00 23,000.00
Aprilia Racing Smog Block Off Plates 1 106.00 90.00
COT150594 / CO8401034 Aprilia Racing Kit Overflow Bottle 1 90.00 60.00
ARMCA-V4 Aprilia Racing RSV4 OEM Slipper Clutch Mechanical Adjustment Kit 1 48.00
COMS090037 Aprilia Racing RSV4 Tuono V4 Intake Manifold Clamp Set 1 100.00
S-A10E8-RC Akrapovic Aprilia RSV4 EVO II Full Exhaust System 1 2,755.95 2,400.00
5FL-RO45Q-70 NGK Surface Gap Shark Plug set of 4 1 268.45
FE1076S Febur Aprilia RSV4 Auxiliary Secondary Radiator 1 850.00
11-Apr Samco Aprilia RSV4 Thermostat Bypass Silicone Radiator Hose Kit 1 169.95 150.00
Race-856543 CBE Aprilia RSV4 Aluminum Coolant Manifold 1 99.99 90.00
P-AP10S16-0R DNA Aprilia RSV4 RR RF High Performance Air Filter 1 76.70 65.00
BN6-SST-B Engine Build SuperStock Spec (not including parts) 1 2,500.00
COE15059 Aprilia Racing RSV4 SuperStock Marelli Race ECU 1 899.99 400.00
i2m ABS Delete 1 260.00 250.00
COE16064 Aprilia Racing RSV4 RF RR Racing Throttle Assembly 1 250.00
COE17074 Aprilia Racing RSV4 RR RF Blipper Signal Invertor For GP Shift Pattern 1 80.00 80.00
COE17048 Aprilia Racing RSV4 RR RF Race Dash 1 800.00
AT-LIC Aprilia Racing RSV4 RR RF Voltage Regulator Bracket 1 112.99 55.00
KS009 Jetprime Aprilia RSV4 RR RF Ignition Bypass Racing Kill Switch 1 126.10 110.00
PLSR09RF Jetprime Aprilia RSV4 Left Hand 5 Button Race Switch Controls 1 387.40 350.00
4-130 Jetprime Aprilia RSV4 Right Hand Road / Race Switch Controls 1 257.40
SP173 Spider High Intensity Billet LED Rear Rain Light 1 39.00
SP76 Spider 51mm Clip-On Handlebars 1 257.40 220.00
SP172 Spider Aprilia RSV4 Billet Adjustable Rearsets 1 517.40 465.00
113-16231 Cox Racing Aprilia RSV4 Radiator & Oil Cooler Guard Set 1 189.95 170.00
EC-RSV4-2010-SET-GBR GB Racing Aprilia RSV4 Engine Protection Cover 1 185.74 140.00
HSBK-RV4-FS HSBK Aprilia RSV4 Frame Sliders 1 189.98 170.00
SP160 Spider Billet Brake Lever Guard 1 115.70 100.00
SP50 Spider Aprilia RSV4 Front / Rear Wheel Axle Pull / Slider 1 83.20 75.00
SP-HSBK-01 / 02 Aprilia RSV4 Non -ABS Complete Brake Line Kit 1 188.00 180.00
110.4760.75 Brembo Radial 19x18 Brake Master Cylinder 1 265.00 240.00
FE1507 Brembo 30cm Remote Reservoir Kit 1 50.00 40.00
110.B012.95 Brembo Aprilia RSV4 Mechanical Folding Clutch Lever 1 149.99 140.00
HSBK-Apr-Rotor Aprilia RSV4 Race / Track Lightweight Rear Brake Rotor 1 100.00 80.00
SP400 Spider Brake Remote Adjuster 1 104.00 90.00
Spider Front Brake Reservoir Sock 1 9.98 5.00
107.A486.39 Brembo Z04 Racing Brake Pads 2 270.00 250.00
FKR 121 HSBK Spec 2017 Ohlins Gas Kit Fork 1 2,100.00
AP 363 HSBK Spec 2017 Ohlins Rear Shock 1 1,350.00
01/10/09/01 BikesPlast Aprilia RSV4 RR RF Complete Race Bodywork Set 1 750.00 700.00
ZeroGravity SuperSport Racing Windscreen 1 99.99 90.00
RS-APR-HSBK RaceSeats SBK Custom Molded Seat 1 184.99 170.00
01/10/09/21 - 01/10/09/22 Febur Aprilia RSV4 Light Weight Race Air Intake Tubes 1 150.00 120.00
COC160014 / COC130018 Aprilia Racing RSV4 SuperStock SSTK1000 Racing Fuel Tank 1 1,200.00
11/06/17/23R DBHolders Aprilia RSV4 Lightweight Race Fairing Stay Bracket 1 159.00
01/10/09/50 DBHolders Aprilia RSV4 Lightweight Race Subframe 1 384.00
SP95/D SpiderRSV4 Clip-On / Handlebar Adjustment Tool 1 279.50
Total 30,545.00


Aprilia Racing


I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to have had HSBK build me this bike. I’ve been riding and racing sportbikes for a combined 24 years and anyone who knows me understands how detail oriented I am. Just by listening to Bobby and seeing his actual racebikes, it was apparent just how detailed oriented he was plus his extensive knowledge and experience from building and running a successful racing team was such an added value. Moreover, I wouldn’t find this level of opportunity anywhere else at this price! He knew what worked best on the bike and what didn’t. Quality parts were used from my trick Ohlins shock to a windscreen that performed best during the teams’ previous wind tunnel testing.
From start to finish, I was treated like a valued customer. Even after delivery, Bobby offered his services free of charge for he and his crew to help set up the bike at a local track day.
I’ve had my bike for over a year now and I’m continuously amazed at the level of customer service and advice I receive from Bobby and HSBK. It’s obvious they care what they do and the people they do it for.
If you truly want a turn key, or in this case, a push-button racebike, because Bobby removed the ignition, then you should definitely consider HSBK to build your next racebike. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!!
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