Aprilia Racing RSV4 (2010-2019) Tuono V4 (2012-2019) Mechanical Adjustment Kit



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Mechanical Adjustment Of Engine Brake Intervention

The level of mechanical engine braking can be adjusted. To make changes to this parameter, you will need one of the following kits. There are four total setting adjustments that can be made to best suit the rider's driving style. Each individual user should, therefore, try and determine the best combination of mechanical adjustments available.

  • Setting 1 - This is the highest degree of engine braking.
  • Setting 2 - Slightly reduces engine braking compared to kit 1
  • Setting 3 - Slightly reduces engine braking compared to kit 2
  • Setting 4 - This is the lowest degree of engine braking.

Kit comes with all of the hardware to achieve all of these settings.

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